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Digital video wins the battle over film

Published on : November 06, 2011
Digital video wins the battle over film

Bijoy Bharathan, TNN

It was a battle waged relentlessly from the time the digital revolution made its presence felt.


And now, it seems it's come to its sad, but nevertheless inevitable conclusion. The two sides at the center of the argument of digital video versus celluloid projection have now laid their arms to rest as the former has seemingly emerged victorious. Following the closure of the processing and photo-finishing units belonging to one of the world's leading manufacturers of film, the players in the sphere of motion pictures are coming to terms with the need to change to the digital format. The aforementioned company, which had until now been the industry standard for provision of film for use in motion pictures, had admitted to being under severe financial duress due to the ever-increasing leaning to the digital format. click here


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