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FX School offers courses in Game Design & Development and trains students in the Foundations of Computer Graphics Animation and Unreal Engine. At the end of the course, students will be able to create their own high-end 3-D games using Unreal Engine's powerful capabilities.

FX School offers a 9-month Advanced Certificate course comprising 3 modules in which you will create a playable game level and earn your certification.

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Module 1: Foundation in Computer Graphics

The Foundation module in Gaming and Computer Graphics aims to give the student an understanding of CGI and the Gaming Industry including their Production Pipelines.

CG Animation

Course Outline

  • Understanding 3D Space and Elements
  • Introduction to Blender
  • Camera Animation
  • Introduction to Blender & Blender Tools
  • Asset Layout in Blender
  • Modeling Tools
  • Basic UV Editing and Shading
  • Using Photoshop for Texturing
  • Texture Baking in Blender
  • Creating and Exporting Game-ready Assets in Blender

Unreal Module 1

This module aims to give the student core skills to start designing and customising game levels in Unreal Engine.

Course Outline

  • Getting Started with Unreal Engine
  • Epic Games Launcher and Unreal Engine Editor Fundamentals
  • Importing Assets created in Blender to Unreal Engine
  • Basic lighting & texturing for the level inside Unreal Engine
  • Customised materials and lighting
  • Advanced Lighting & Texturing

Unreal Module 2

This module introduces students to more advanced concepts and techniques in Unreal Engine. Students who complete this module will have the skills to create a complex level with innovative texturing, lighting and blueprinting.

Course Outline

  • Getting familiar with Level and Class Blueprints
  • Using Construction Scripts to customise Blueprints
  • Creating Gameplay Mechanics using Blueprints
  • Understanding and Using Sequencer
  • Incorporating the UI/UX for the Game
  • Packaging the Game for the Windows Platform

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Student Work / Showreel / About Course


Sachin Kabir

Ruth Mapgaonkar Faculty

After completing her Masters in Mass Communication from the California State University at San Jose, USA, Ruth followed a career in Media and Advertising for 8 years.

In the US she worked on TV networks and brands such as NBC11, Dish Network and Western Union. On moving back to India she joined Draft FCB, a leading advertising agency, after which she worked with Miditech and Applause Entertainment on TV shows for Pogo and Sab TV.

To add to her skill set, she completed her Diploma in CG Animation at FX School and had a life-altering moment where she figured out that CG was her passion. An avid gamer from her early years, she got to live her dream at Kreeda Games, working on games across various platforms notably F1 for iOS and Yoville for Facebook.

Paarth Kadam

Paarth Kadam Faculty

Burning with passion for video games from a young age, Paarth's interest in creating games and 3D art was persistently pushing him to new peaks. It was not until he enrolled in FX School did he realise that he could manifest his passion into reality! Paarth decided to change his career path from a computer engineer to that of a Game Designer & Developer and 3D Artist.

While Paarth was a student, he simultaneously worked on several freelance projects and honed his skills. On completing his Diploma with a dual Specialisation in Computer Graphics and VR Game Design & Development, Paarth delved into R&D and resumed work on his portfolio. At FX School he is keen to guide the next generation towards building their careers in a fast growing industry and one which was a great beneficiary of the pandemic -- the video game industry!

Why FX School

  • State of the Art GAMING LAB powered by high end GPUs
  • Oculus Rift VR (Virtual Reality) Development Kits
  • Award-Winning Students & Alumni
  • Internationally Trained Faculty
  • Project-oriented curriculum that ensures you have a quality show-reel at the end of the course

  • No Cost EMI Education Loans Available!
  • Eduvanz Neev

Student Achievements

Shraddha Ashar

Shraddha AsharDiploma in CG Animation 2014

From the first day, FX School and its faculty made my year there a fun ride of learning and sharing. It was like a home away from home. I would like to thank this school for giving me an opportunity to be a part of it. The ambience FX School provides is like a cherry on the cake. A special thanks to the CG faculty for their immense support and for sharing their experiences with us at every stage of our journey. The experience I had at FX School will be an unforgettable one and I will miss it a lot. I would love to come back again to learn more.

Prachi Shah

Prachi Shah Diploma in CG Animation 2014

I had a very joyful journey at FX School. Learning elsewhere would have just not matched up. The CG faculty here are the best people at their job. They taught us in the most understandable and also fun way. I want to thank FX School for letting me explore and learn new things. :) It was a treat learning at FX School!

Komal Kawale

Komal Kawale Diploma in Game Art and Game Design & Development 2016

I did my Diploma in Game Art and Game Design & Development. During the course I was able to make a 3D first person maze game with a horror theme, plus a Digital Art portfolio showcasing my skills in both 2D and 3D. I learnt multiple software and skills to complete my project.

FX School has amazing faculty who are professionals in their field of work and enthusiastic in teaching. My journey here has been very memorable and enduring.

Mushthakh Ahamed

Mushthakh Ahamed Diploma in CG Animation 2014

Learning at FX School has been a wonderful experience—I would say a turning point in my life. The Faculty here are simply the Best! And the people I met were so creative! My time at FX School was like a Reboot for my life. I wish for FX School to keep growing always.

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