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New Course

Finding Accommodation
The FX Students Office has developed an extensive database of available housing. Of course the school cannot and does not guarantee the standard of the accommodation, it does provide a valuable resource whereby the students can save time and money spent in searching without guidance. Most properties short listed by the Institute are offered under favourable circumstances. If you prefer to share, there is also a housing forum for you to get in touch with other students. This free service is available with our Counsellors once you have enrolled at FX.
Outside Mumbai
Finding accommodation that suits your needs and budget in Mumbai is a matter of luck and knowing where to look.


Map and Directions to getting to FX School
Nearest Airport: Mumbai Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal (CSIA)
Nearest Suburban Local Train Station: Andheri
Nearest Outstation Train Stations: Mumbai CST; Mumbai Central; Bandra Terminus; Borivali
Nearest BEST Bus Stop: Infiniti Mall Bus Stop
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