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FX School gets Support from FutureWorks

Published on : October 29, 2009
FX School gets Support from FutureWorks

The relation between FutureWorks and FX School is a symbiotic one where FutureWorks will help FX School facilitate a learning experience for its students that is grounded in reality.  In return, FutureWorks will be rewarded with high quality students equipped to face the challenges of a real production environment.

FutureWorks will be supporting students by organizing:

  1. Student visits to FutureWorks to gain exposure and understanding to a production pipeline and workflow
  2. Internship and pre-internship opportunities in their studios as well as on live shoots
  3. Active interaction via guest lectures and recruitment from FX School

“Such students who get exposure to real world production scenarios and challenges while they are undergoing training will be uniquely equipped to hit the ground running when they leave the institute and join a studio,” said C B ArunKumar, Academic Director of FX School.

Over time, most studios have become very skeptical of the quality of students that most training institutes produce, and have thus slowly withdrawn themselves from active participation with almost all training facilities.  However, on this exceptional advancement Mr. Abhyudaya Morarka, Director, FX School said, “FutureWorks has shown tremendous faith in our efforts.  This is proof that we will do justice to not only our students, but the industry at large.  I feel vindicated from those who said that a high quality education could not be imparted in a training institute environment.”

Mr. Gaurav Gupta of FutureWorks shares his views with Mr. Abhyudaya Morarka of FX School with regard to the challenges faced by studios in the media industry in finding and recruiting quality talent and commented, “Now my senior managers cannot complain on the lack of availability of adequately skilled talent."  He added “There is so much business to be had, if only we had the people to execute those jobs.”

FX School is equipped with world class infrastructure and is the first school in India to have a production-ready environment including a state-of-the-art chroma studio, fully-equipped practice labs and art rooms. FX School offers an inspirational learning environment complete with a café-lounge and personalized continuous career counseling that helps ensure students stay on track for a successful career. Accomplished and experienced professionals help the student master his or her skills in his or her chosen disciplines. A distinguished Board of Excellence - comprising of the senior-most industry acclaimed professionals and experts, including Shelley Page from DreamWorks Animation, Suresh Seetharaman from Liquid Comics, and others from top studios such as Pixion and EyeQube - keep the programmes at the cutting edge of the field. As a result, students graduate as polished, industry-ready professionals poised to deliver hard results from day one!

FX School also offers continuing education courses and workshops for professionals in the field wanting to brush up their skills.


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