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Paprikaas Is Now Technicolor India

Published on : May 15, 2010
Paprikaas Is Now Technicolor India

Over the past year, Technicolor has significantly expanded its animation offering in India, while strengthening its long-standing relationships with DreamWorks Animation, Nickelodeon, Electronic Arts and other animation and gaming content creators. More recently, Technicolor has grown the Bangalore studio to include visual effects, as well as compression and authoring services. The studio has produced CG animation since 2001.
“India has emerged as the Asian destination of choice for animation. This enhances our India investments in Paprikaas over the past few years. We have aggregated and developed the best and the finest skill sets in the industry blending international and local artists,” said Frederic Rose, CEO, Technicolor. “Our point of difference is that we have migrated the best practices, garnered through our connectivity with our global business partners. We plan to continue our aggressive growth path in India. Our facility is expanding to support both our core animation and gaming businesses, our visual effects offerings and our compression and authoring services.”
Nickelodeon’s new Kung Fu Panda TV series, produced for the worldwide broadcast market, and initially comprising 26 episodes, is currently being animated at Technicolor India. Nickelodeon and Technicolor have developed a strong production relationship based on the studio’s CGI work on Penguins of Madagascar, rated the No. 1 kids’ show on cable TV in the United States.
Biren Ghose, the studio’s general manager, stated, “Consolidating further within Technicolor gives us greater scope and opportunity, while providing our artists from all over the country the opportunity to work on great projects with ‘a-list’ clientele.”

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courtesy: The Media Freaks Blog

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