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FX School's 12-month course in Art & Design is a comprehensive course that enables you to become a consummate design professional with strong aesthetic skills and the ability to design across multiple mediums for a variety of purposes.

This is a project-oriented course in which you will build a strong foundation in digital art techniques and graphic design fundamentals while working on practical applications such as identity design (logos and icons), communication design, poster design, designing for merchandise (t-shirts, bags, wallets, etc.) and product design (action figures, toys etc).Click here for More Course Info

Diploma Course in Art & Design

The course comprises four 3-month modules: Basic Graphic Design, Advanced Graphic Design, Art Essentials, and Product Design.

Art Essentials

The Art Essentials foundation module focuses on developing the core fundamentals of Art, which are the building blocks to any successful career in Art and Design. A strong synergy between a solid foundation in Art and an understanding of the Design Process helps to prepare students for the advanced modules.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • 1-Point Perspective
  • 2-Point Perspective
  • Painting a Sphere
  • Drawing Cylinders, Cones and Spheres
  • Drawing and Painting from Observation
  • Colour Theory
  • Introduction to the Design Process
  • Thumbnailing for Landscape
  • Final Drawing/Presentation

Basic Graphic Design

The Basic module in Graphic Design focuses on developing the fundamentals of design, aesthetics and different design styles along with an introduction to tools and software used for graphic and communication design.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals
  • Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals
  • Collage Creation
  • App Icon Design
  • Logo Design
  • Character Design: Mascot Creation
  • Polygonal Artwork
  • Shoe Painting

Advanced Graphic Design

The Advanced module in Graphic Design focuses on helping you apply your graphic design skills across a variety of products, in addition to mastering advanced tools for graphic design.

Course Outline

  • Editorial Typography
  • Illustrative Typography
  • Isometric Design
  • Flat Design
  • Packaging Design
  • UI/ UX
  • Thematic Posters
  • Printing Techniques
  • Outdoor/Indoor Advertising Campaigns
  • Branding
  • Portfolio Creation

Product Design

This module gives the student a comprehensive understanding of advanced techniques and design aesthetics for a successful career in Design. This will enable students to envision and build any object in 3D space. By the end of the module, they will have the capability to design a product and it’s packaging, as well as the ability to present and pitch their designs.

Course Outline

  • Understanding Form
  • Material Study
  • Advanced Perspective: Drawing Objects in 3D Space
  • Extracting Shapes
  • Product Design Project - Setting Up a Moodboard
  • Product Design Project - Thumbnails
  • Product Design Project - Final Design
  • Product Design Project - Final Presentation

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Student Work / Showreel / About Course


C B Arun Kumar

C B Arun KumarAcademic Director

C B Arun Kumar has worked in the Animation & Broadcast Industry in India since 1985. He did his Masters from MCRC, Jamia Milia Islamia in 1989.

He has worked with TV18, Business India TV (TVI), Aaj Tak, Doordarshan, Vijay TV, Maya Entertainment and Pixion.

He worked on the first Indian 3D animation series, "Jungle Tales" (for Cartoon Network) with Moving Picture Company.

He was awarded the National Award for Best Director of an Animation Film (2005) for "Kachua aur Khargosh."

Shehzad Kapadia

Shehzad KapadiaFaculty Art & Design

Shehzad Kapadia studied Concept Design at FZD School of Design in Singapore.

He started his career as a Lead Artist at Spiel Studios and worked on his first game, Galaxy Run which went on to become one of the Best mobile games of 2014 on the Apple Appstore.

He has worked as a Concept Artist for films, mobile applications and AAA games such as Speedy Gun Savage as well as on projects for Microsoft and Baidu. He has also worked on the design for the theme park, Dubailand.

Shehzad aims to help students acquire the artistic vision and real-world skills required to enter the film and gaming industry.

Ruchika Khilnani

Ruchika Khilnani Faculty Graphic Design

Since the day I picked up my first crayon, Art and Design became the language with which I explored the world. I sketched and doodled my way through my teens, till Graphic Design studies at FX School helped me go pro. Over the last few years, I have created design strategy and graphics for top brands including Godrej, Mahindra, Future Group, LinkedIn and Marico.

I am a creative problem solver who enjoys working with new styles and has experience across all mediums both online and offline. I follow design trends and have a passion for bringing brands alive through great visual language - across brand identity, UI/UX, packaging design, merchandising etc. I want to use Design to engage, empower, and educate across print, screen, and space.

Why FX School

  • 100% Apple Mac labs and classrooms with a 1:1 computer to student ratio
  • Faculty that comprises leading industry professionals with hands-on experience of what is taught
  • Project-oriented curriculum that ensures you have a quality portfolio at the end of the course
  • Students have been placed at top companies such as Prana Studios, Rhythm&Hues, Prime Focus and Technicolor India

Student Testimonials

Anuradha S. Alegavi

Anuradha S. Alegavi Diploma in Digital Art 2012

Enrolling in FX-School was the best decision of my life. I learned more about painting in a few months than in my ten years of trying at school and other institutes. FX School is undoubtedly an institute with high caliber of teaching, ethics and support, both from teachers and fellow students.

Toby Lalnunsanga

Toby Lalnunsanga Diploma in Digital Art 2014

FX School is one of the greatest things that have happened to me. Ever since I have attended the school, my artistic skills both in the traditional and digital medium has improved tremendously. So much so, that many friends and family have been in awe of the significant changes and improvement in my art. The amount of things I have learned from the school in just one year has been beyond anything I could have imagined. Not only in Digital Art, the course I have chosen, but also from other disciplines from our Foundation and Specialisation courses. I have been able to implement so many other principles from other courses to my artwork.

Bhimsen Shahi

Bhimsen Shahi Specialisation In Digital Art 2011

My days in FX School were an outstanding experience for me. I am very happy and grateful that I chose this school. It was a lot of fun, the environment was very interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge. The faculty shared not only a lot of information with regards to our subject, but also helped me to pinpoint my weakness and turn them into strengths.Thanks FX School team! I would like to recommend FX School to everyone who is interested in Digital Painting and also those who seeking to learn Film Making, Photography, Animation and VFX.

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