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FX School students make music video for genero.tv competition

Published on : March 25, 2010
FX School students make music video for genero.tv competition

Karan Ashar, member of the team that made the video said, “This music video is all about love, hate and mistakes. You never know when you may commit a mistake which has no room for forgiveness. Anger can cause irreversible mistakes whose marks will remain forever. The lyrics and the music gave us this idea. As a creative person you have lakhs of ideas running in your mind but some of them really become your strength and you know you can execute them with full force. Thus this video was born.”

The students wrote and directed the film themselves. The actors Paulina Urretaand and Aaron Hernandez are also FX School students from Mexico. Sapan Narula, Head of Post Production dept at FX School helped with the cinematography and editing, while Harshraj Shroff, Technical Assistant, FX School helped through out the making of the film, while FX School provided the required equipment. C B Arun Kumar, Academic Director of FX School who first informed the students of the contest helped them by providing constructive criticism.

Rishub Puri another member of the team said, “There are parts in the music video where we wanted a dreamy past effect so you can see such a look. And when it came to the overall color we wanted something soothing, cool and rich. You can also see some beach shots with a retro look which again go with the story. The edit was done on Adobe Premier

and VFX on Adobe After Effects. We took round about 50 hours to complete this video from ideation to edit.”


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