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FX School's project-oriented courses in CG Animation are designed to help you to become a highly skilled, production-ready professional in the Animation, Visual Effects and Gaming industry. In addition to acquiring a strong foundation in the Unity game engine, you master cutting edge techniques in Blender which enables you to make a high-quality short film showcasing your CG skills.

FX School offers a 12-month Advanced Certificate course comprising four modules. This course prepares students to fit into a studio production environment. Students who complete this course will have superior technical skills and a definite edge in the job market.Click here for More Course Info

Advanced Certificate in CG Animation

Course Content

Module 1: Foundation in Gaming & Computer Graphics

The Foundation module in Gaming and Computer Graphics aims to give the student an understanding of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and the Gaming Industry including their Production Pipelines. Students will learn the basics of Blender and the Unity game engine.

Course Outline CG Animation

  • Understanding 3D Space and Elements
  • Introduction to Blender
  • Camera Animation
  • Introduction to Blender & Blender Tools
  • Asset Layout in Blender
  • Modelling Tools
  • Using low polygon modelling fundamentals for quick asset creation
  • Intro to 3D camera
  • Creating cinematic 3D environments in Blender
  • Creating and Exporting Game-ready Assets in Blender

Course Outline Game Design & Development

  • Gaming Platforms and Markets
  • Project Management in Unity
  • Game Production Pipeline & Documentation
  • Introduction to Unity
  • Importing of Assets into Unity
  • Creating an Environment in Unity
  • Lighting Techniques in Unity

Module 2: Basics of Shading, Texturing,Lighting and Rendering in Blender's High-End Cycles Render Engine

The objective of this module is to introduce students to Blender’s powerful render engine - Cycles and how to expedite and use the Shaders and Materials linked to the engine. Students also get a crash course in lighting and rendering in this module.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Cycles Render Engine
  • Beginners guide to Photoshop
  • Understanding the concepts of U. V. Mapping in 3D
  • Fundamentals of Texturing
  • Understanding the different PBR maps used in 3D
  • Creating Bump, Normal and Displacement maps in Blender and Photoshop
  • Using Texture nodes to light a scene in Blender
  • Setting up camera and the scene in 3D
  • Introduction to Rendering
  • Setting up a dynamic frame
  • Render settings and how to optimize your output
  • Polish and Presentation - Post Processing using Photoshop

Module 3: Animation and Rigging in 3D

This module will enable students to learn animation and rigging techniques using Blender.

Course Outline

  • History of Animation
  • Introduction to Animation Principles
  • Basic Animation Techniques and Tools
  • Applying the Principles of Animation
  • Introduction to Rigging
  • Understanding Rig types
  • Meta-Rigs
  • Dissecting the Human Meta-Rig
  • Cycle and Loop Animation

Module 4: Advanced 3D Techniques and Look Development in Blender

The Advanced 3D Techniques and Look Development in Blender Pro course introduces students to more advanced concepts and techniques in Blender.

Course Outline

  • Advanced Storyboarding
  • Advanced UV Editing and Texturing
  • Introduction to HDR Lighting
  • Look Development using PBR Shader
  • Advanced fundamentals of digital lighting in Blender
  • Using the Real-time Rendering Engine

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C B Arun Kumar

C B Arun KumarEx-Academic Director, FX School

C B Arun Kumar was a founding member of FX School and responsible for creating and establishing its unique and powerful pedagogy which enables students to achieve world class results in an extremely efficient time frame.

He has been working in the Animation & Broadcast Industry in India since 1985 and has over 37 years of professional experience. He did his Masters from MCRC, Jamia Milia Islamia in 1989.

He has worked with TV18, Business India TV (TVI), Aaj Tak, Doordarshan, Vijay TV, Maya Entertainment and Pixion.

He worked on the first Indian 3D animation series, Jungle Tales (for Cartoon Network) with Moving Picture Company.

He was awarded the National Award for Best Director of an Animation Film (2005) for Kachua aur Khargosh.

Ruth Mapgaonkar

Ruth Mapgaonkar Faculty

After completing her Masters in Mass Communication from the California State University at San Jose, USA, Ruth followed a career in Media and Advertising for 8 years.

In the US she worked on TV networks and brands such as NBC11, Dish Network and Western Union. On moving back to India she joined Draft FCB, a leading advertising agency, after which she worked with Miditech and Applause Entertainment on TV shows for Pogo and Sab TV.

To add to her skill set, she completed her Diploma in CG Animation at FX School and had a life-altering moment where she figured out that CG was her passion. An avid gamer from her early years, she got to live her dream at Kreeda Games, working on games across various platforms notably F1 for iOS and Yoville for Facebook.

Paarth Kadam

Paarth Kadam Faculty

Burning with passion for video games from a young age, Paarth's interest in creating games and 3D art was persistently pushing him to new peaks. It was not until he enrolled in FX School did he realise that he could manifest his passion into reality! Paarth decided to change his career path from a computer engineer to that of a Game Designer & Developer and 3D Artist.

While Paarth was a student, he simultaneously worked on several freelance projects and honed his skills. On completing his Diploma with a dual Specialisation in Computer Graphics and VR Game Design & Development, Paarth delved into R&D and resumed work on his portfolio. At FX School he is keen to guide the next generation towards building their careers in a fast growing industry and one which was a great beneficiary of the pandemic -- the video game industry!

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