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"House" Finale - DLSR Filmmaking goes Mainstream

Published on : July 01, 2010


Tonight marks a big night in HDDSLR and Canon 5D MKII history.  The Fox Networks “House” series is one of the most successful on TV today - and they are airing their SEASON FINALE tonight - shot exclusively with the Canon 5D MKII!

I think this is perhaps one of the most important moments in the HDDSLR’s history to date - because it is in effect becoming a bonafide tool used in prime time television - for a major series.

DP Gale Tatersall and director Greg Yaitanes are in effect giving this camera a huge nod or approval.   While many of us have been well aware of the Canon 5D MKII for close to 2 years now - understand that this is going to make a pretty big impact on a lot of people in Hollywood/film/television - who still have yet to “really” hear about this camera or still doubt that it is ready for major productions.

Yes - many of the DPs, Director and many producers out there have of course heard of this camera… but now you should expect a lot of Executive Producers, studios, actors and others to pay attention - when they realize it was used for a season finale on FOX.

...The spot is very heavy on Special FX/CGI/Post and we could not use the Canon HDDSLR as originally planned… note to Canon we need RAW footage please!!!!) - I hear that Gale used all Canon EF glass for this series  - with his regular crew… mostly the 24~70mm 2.8 and 70~200mm 2.8…  which is a very interesting choice.

Here’s a main and key point to take away from this as well:  I hear that this episode took longer and cost more than a standard episode to produce… so while HDDSLR systems are cheaper and require small camera support - obviously:  a lot of other things (crew/talent/permits etc.) still cost close to the same…. something I’ve been telling many producers over the past 1-2 years.   This is especially true when you have an incredibly experienced crew - that is introduced to an entirely new camera system… it may take them a little extra time to get adjusted to the new system… another thing that I’ve been sharing w/ people - there is a learning curve (albeit a short one) with these cameras for even the most highly experienced union crews.

I have no idea where that extra time and money went - or if it was in any way related to the Canon HDDSLRs causing delays etc  - as far as I know this could be a very complex episode of course and have nothing to do with the camera.  That being said - I’d be surprised if they didn’t face some technical challenges along the way (and truth be told I have heard that they did in fact run into a few POST related hiccups - which is to be expected.)


About Vincent: Vincent Laforet is a Los Angles based commercial director, photographer and DP who is regularly commissioned to work on a variety of advertising, fine art, corporate and editorial projects across the world. Vincent is considered one of the leading experts and pioneers of the new breed of HD capable DSLR Cameras (such as the Canon EOS 5D MKII.) His short “Reverie” the first 1080p video shot with a still camera, was seen more than 2 million times on the first week of its release. His popular blog and ensuing videos have been viewed by an average of 7 million visitors a year.

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