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5G could be the foundation of next-gen 'cloud VR'

Published on : March 27, 2019
5G could be the foundation of next-gen \'cloud VR\'
By Mark Hachman
Senior Editor, PCWorld 
Virtual reality proponents see 5G as part of the answer to an vexing problem: What happens if you want high-resolution VR, but don’t have a powerful enough PC to run it?
Meet cloud VR, the next stage in VR’s evolution. Rendering the scene on a remote server and then streaming it to a headset eliminates the need for a powerful CPU. But fail to deliver a responsive experience, and users get disoriented and nauseous. A series of demos hosted by AT&T and Ericsson on Monday suggested a number of solutions, all using 5G as a high-speed, low-latency backhaul that proponents think could make cloud VR a future reality. 
Eventually, the AR/VR industry even hopes you’ll take the technology outside, perhaps fulfilling the promise that Google Glass once offered. But to do so, you’ll need a high-bandwidth, low-latency wireless infrastructure. Here again, the 5G industry is volunteering. read more


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