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High-end visual treat paving way for gaming growth in India

Published on : November 26, 2015
High-end visual treat paving way for gaming growth in India

 Gaming is emerging as a compelling brand of entertainment in India today. There’s an immense potential for this industry with numerous ongoing technological innovations. Newer hi-tech developments are engaging consumers with a more interactive and cinematic experience, taking gaming experience to an entirely new level. Initially, what started with those vintage coin-operated video game parlours has now become a thing of the past. India may be a late entrant to the gaming industry, but is swiftly evolving in the global map. We are moving through an exciting era where we have a choice to play games via apps, online and on any device and platform. Even, the gaming companies are now betting big on bringing digital innovation to conventional Indian games to compete with the western world.

A never before visual experience

In early 1990s, 32 and 64 bit “Media” consoles, housing dozens of games like Contra, Mario, etc, became the foundation of gaming, followed by a scintillating era of PC gaming which began to forge ahead with the likes of First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as “Wolfenstein 3D” and “Doom” as they introduced gamers to a new genre of gaming in the 3D world. PCs not only redefined the way games are played but also provided a convenient, affordable way of playing them so much so that even today, it remains the most popular form of gaming.

The graphics and gameplay facilitated by FPS games brought enormous changes in the overall growth of gaming, inducing many youngsters to become avid gamers. What followed next was a trail of games, with each game title competing with enhanced graphics and faster game play to capture the gaming market. Though, we have come a long way from that but the quality of visual graphics still continues to be one of the key deciding factors for the higher penetration of gaming in the country.

Today, with the right combination of hardware and software, you can experience incredible visual effects. Thanks to next generation technologies, your gaming characters are now capable of showing love, anger and numerous other e motions. Be it the soft shadows or the particle-based snow effects or Batman’s cape flowing in the wind, the special effects in Batman’s Arkham Knight highlight the realism and immersive technology game developers are using to develop games today.

Further, the characters in the new games have perfect rendered skin and hair, water in the ocean is perfectly stimulated to give you a more cinematic experience of the waves in a real ocean, the grass and fire have a fair sense of colour and imagery. Evolving technologies like Gamestream Co-op now enables us to ping a friend to seek help to get through those tough levels in the game. With gaming being offered as a service, the overall industry has definitely come a long way, facilitating a new gaming environment which is more interactive, beautiful and user-friendly. read more

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