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New Course

New Course

Advanced Diploma Course in Visual Effects - 15 months

Course Content


Visual Effects students begin their Diploma Course with FX School's intensive 3-month Foundation course, which provides a critical introduction to the world of CG Animation and Visual Effects. The course enables you to learn some very essential, fundamental skills and gives you a greater understanding of the interrlationship between the different disciplines in a modern production pipeline.

The Founcation module in VFX focuses on giving you a strong base upon which you will build and enhance your skills as you move on to more sophisticated software and techniques later in the course. You will learn key concepts, tools and techniques, including an introduction to After Effects.

Course Outline

·         Introduction to Matte Painting and the Role of Matte Painting in VFX

·         Introduction to Photoshop and Photoshop tools

·         Introduction to After Effects

·         Animation in After Effects

·         Understanding 3D Space and Elements

·         Navigating 3D Software

·         Real world camera and 3D space camera

·         Modeling Tools 

·         History of Animation Principles

·         Introduction to Animation Principles

·         Basic Animation Techniques and Tools



After successfully completing the Foundation module, you will dive deeper into CG Animation and VFX during the Specialisation module. In CG Animation, you will master Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering and more advanced Animation Techniques. You will create photo-real objects and scenes. In VFX, you will learn fundamental Compositing techniques as well as Motion Graphics, using After Effects. The Specialisation project that you work on will require you to combine all the skills and techniques you learn in CG Animation as well as VFX.

Course Outline

·         Advanced Modeling Tools

·         Understanding UV

·         Texturing

·         Unwrapping

·         Camera Animation

·         Applying the Principles of Animation

·         Introduction to Body Mechanics

·         Chroma Keying & Compositing Fundamentals

·         2D Motion Tracking

·         Rotoscoping

·         Basic 3D Match-moving

·         Motion Graphics:

            Title Animation

           Live Footage & Motion Design integration

           Integrating 3D and 2D elements in After Effects


Pro Courses

After successfully completing the Foundation and Specialisation modules, you will go on to learn more complex skills in the Pro courses listed below:

Advanced After Effects and Introduction

In this module, the objective is to help you develop advanced compositing skills in After Effects and give you an overview of The Foundry's Nuke, a leading compositing software used widely in the industry.

Course Outline

·         Clean-up

·         Advanced 3D tracking

·         Planar Tracking in Mocha

·         4-Point and Offset Tracking in After Effects

·         Introduction to Compositing CG passes

·         Camera Projection in After Efeects

·         Nuke:

            Introduction to the Nuke Interface

           The Merge Node


           Introduction to Chroma Keying

           Introduction to 2D Motion Tracking

           The 3D Space and the Interface

           Introduction to CG Pass Compositing

           Time Controls


NUKE - International Certification by fxphd

The fxphd in The Foundry’s Nuke module comprises three months of intense training in The Foundry's Nuke, one of the topmost compositing software, designed in collaboration with world leaders in online VFX education, fxphd. You will learn the entire functioning of the node-based software along with production related techniques for optimizing and speeding up the pace of production.

Course Outline

·         The Primatte Keyer and the Light Wrap Process

·         Advanced Motion Tracking

·         Camera Tracking

·         Multi-pass CG Compositing and Optimising Render Passes

·         Editing Geometry

·         The Stereoscopic Workflow in a Production Pipeline

·         The Smart Vector Toolset

·         Clean-Up


DFP (Diploma Film Project)

In this module, you will make a high-end VFX short film showcasing all the advanced techniques you have learnt during your course. You will learn advanced projection and keying techniques. While working on your projects, there will meetings at regular pre-determined intervals with the faculty to monitor progress.

Course Outline

·         Camera Projection on 3D models in Nuke

·         Camera Projection on 3D models in Nuke

·         3D Camera Projection in After Effects

·         IBK Keyer

·         Advanced Title Animation


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