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If you have ideas brewing in your mind but don’t quite know how to put them together to create a script, the Short Film Writing course is made for you!

The Short Film Writing Course is a 3-month weekend course that will enable you to use your own creativity and original ideas to develop a full-fledged film script. Click here for More Course Info

Short Film Writing Course

Course Content

The objective of the course is to help you grow as a writer in a progressive learning atmosphere. The course will equip you with methods to develop, analyze and refine ideas meticulously for writing an engaging film script. You will develop and submit one short film script of 10 minutes. You will also acquire sufficient knowledge of tools and concepts to develop feature film scripts and web series episodes.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to screenwriting
  • Writing Exercises - which students can use to generate & develop film concepts and ideas.
  • Developing Characters - how to create relatable, memorable characters, thus making your story engaging and entertaining for the audience.
  • Scene Writing - understanding the intricacies of how a good scene is constructed with characters, action and dialogue.
  • Dialogue Writing - writing dialogue in authentic and gripping style.
  • Structure - good screenplays are precisely structured to take the audience through a definite emotional journey. Students will learn the nuances of film plots and structures.
  • Analysis - watching reputed films, reading screenplays, and analyzing how those screenwriters have written these successful movies.
  • Personalized Feedback - for all characters, scenes and scripts developed by each student as part of the course assignments.

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Student Work / Showreel / About Course


C B Arun Kumar

C B Arun KumarAcademic Director

C B Arun Kumar has worked in the Animation & Broadcast Industry in India since 1985. He did his Masters from MCRC, Jamia Milia Islamia in 1989.

He has worked with TV18, Business India TV (TVI), Aaj Tak, Doordarshan, Vijay TV, Maya Entertainment and Pixion.

He worked on the first Indian 3D animation series, "Jungle Tales" (for Cartoon Network) with Moving Picture Company.

He was awarded the National Award for Best Director of an Animation Film (2005) for "Kachua aur Khargosh."

Raj Vithalani

Raj VithalaniHOD Writing

Raj Vithalani started off his filmmaking career as a camera intern at CNN IBN. After studying filmmaking at FX School, he joined the post-production team at FXS where he worked on feature films directed by Ram Gopal Varma.

He then went on to pursue an MFA in Filmmaking at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Raj is inspired by South American filmmakers and also loves Bollywood! His aim is to help student realize their creative vision in the films that they make.

Why FX School

  • Progressive Course Structure
  • Pro Tools, Methods & Concepts
  • Faculty that comprises leading industry professionals with hands-on experience of what is taught
  • Award-Winning Students & Alumni
  • Internationally Trained Faculty
  • Project-oriented curriculum that ensures you have a quality "submission-ready" script at the end of the course

Student Achievements

Nikita Deshpande

Nikita DeshpandeDiploma in Filmmaking & VFX 2011

Stepping into FX School for the very first time is an experience on its own. The smell of the place, the light, everything reaches out to you. For the one year that I was here, the bar of visual creativity was always held very high up. Whether by seniors or members of faculty themselves. I loved that I could never be complacent there. That every time I did something, I earned a pat on the back. That there were ten things more waiting to be tried, tested, perfected.

As a filmmaking student, I was educated quite thoroughly: class assignments added to my skill sets, watching teacher-recommended movies made me recognize the elements of good cinema. But, above all of this, I was encouraged to further my learning in the best possible way: "go out and shoot”—something you'll find teachers telling you all the time. It made me independent, creative and taught me to troubleshoot.

Click here to view Nikita's on IMDB

Abhijit Kokate

Abhijit Kokate Diploma in Filmmaking, 2011

FX School made it easy to connect with various Directors and Production Houses in the industry. Although the onus was on us to foster the relationships that would lead to a successful career, the staff at FX School provided a 'foot in the door' that gave me an opportunity to prove myself. Thanks and Kudos to FX School for building the bridge towards my dream.

Click here to view Abhijit's credits on IMDB

Filmfare Awards Winner in 2015 for Best Editing, FX School ex-student Abhijit Kokate talks about how exactly the institute helped him get him to where he is today! Click here to watch the video

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