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Architectural 3D Visualisation is an extremely popular trend in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry. 3D models, animations and walkthroughs provide a realistic, detailed view of buildings and interiors, thus allowing improved communication of a proposed design to developers, engineers, fabricators, architects and clients.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to enter the lucrative AEC industry with capabilities to design and create realistic, lifelike visualisations of buildings and interiors using high-end 3D software. What’s more, they will also be able to import their 3D visualization into Unreal Engine to create walkthroughs that are optimized for virtual reality!Click here for More Course Info

Diploma & Certificate courses in Architectural Design Visualisation

The Course comprises 3 months of Foundation, 3 months of Specialisation, 2 Pro Modules of 3 months each, and a 3-month VR Walkthrough Project module


Architectural Design Visualisation students begin their Diploma Course with FX School’s intensive 3-month Foundation course, which provides a critical introduction to the world of CG Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Art. The course enables you to learn some very essential, fundamental skills and gives you a greater understanding of the interrelationship between the different disciplines in a modern production pipeline. In this module, you acquire a strong base upon which you will build and enhance your skills as you move on to more advanced modules later in the course.


The Architectural Design Visualisation Specialisation course introduces students to the ever growing Architectural Industry. It is the first stage of obtaining an understanding of innovative design using cutting-edge 3D technologies. The Architectural Design Visualisation Specialisation course provides the stepping stone on which students can progress to Advanced modules in Architectural Design.

Course Outline

  • Modeling Props
  • Asset Creation
  • Library Creation
  • Shading Network
  • Lighting and Rendering

Pro Module I

In this module, the student will not just be making buildings but understanding techniques of creating photorealistic materials, using light to convey feeling and balancing a scene using consonant elements. The entire process will focus on bringing your design to life.

Course Outline

  • Architectural Visualisation
  • Exploration of Design Concepts
  • Scripts to enhance productivity
  • Simulation and Analysis of sun, sky, and artificial lighting
  • Photorealistic Materials & Lighting
  • Realistic foliage and vegetation

Pro Module II

In this module, students will take their architectural design into Unreal Engine and learn techniques that will optimise it for virtual reality.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Unreal Engine interface
  • Navigating Unreal Engine
  • Importing assets from 3D software
  • Understanding of Lightmap
  • Lighting & texturing of your architectural model inside Unreal Engine
  • Customized materials and lighting
  • Animation techniques for creating walkthroughs

VR Walkthrough Project

In this module, students will create a high-end virtual reality walkthrough. This is a pure production module! There are no lectures, but meetings at regular pre-determined intervals with the faculty to monitor progress.

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Student Work / Showreel / About Course


C B Arun Kumar

C B Arun KumarAcademic Director

C B Arun Kumar has worked in the Animation & Broadcast Industry in India since 1985. He did his Masters from MCRC, Jamia Milia Islamia in 1989.

He has worked with TV18, Business India TV (TVI), Aaj Tak, Doordarshan, Vijay TV, Maya Entertainment and Pixion.

He worked on the first Indian 3D animation series, "Jungle Tales" (for Cartoon Network) with Moving Picture Company.

He was awarded the National Award for Best Director of an Animation Film (2005) for "Kachua aur Khargosh."

Atanu Roy

Atanu Roy Technical Director

A “look and feel” specialist, Atanu Roy has over 17 years of experience in CG and Visual Effects. He has worked in leading companies such as Prana Studios, Pixion, Pentamedia, Blowfishfx Limited, Fat Lizard Entertainment and Maya Entertainment Ltd. He has been a Lighting Lead on feature films such as Dungeons and Dragons, Belka Strelka, and Mangal Pandey; TV Shows such as the BBC's The Tale of Jack Frost (which was nominated for the Children's BAFTA); and games such as Disney Princess and The Cat in the Hat.

Why FX School

  • 100% Apple Mac labs and classrooms with a 1:1 computer to student ratio
  • Faculty that comprises leading industry professionals with hands-on experience of what is taught
  • Project-oriented curriculum that ensures you have a quality show-reel at the end of the course

  • No Cost EMI Education Loans Available!
  • Eduvanz

Student Testimonials

Archis Achrekar

Archis AchrekarAdvanced Certificate in Architectural Design Visualisation 2015

The decision of pursuing Architectural Design Visualisation Course at FX School has been of extreme importance to me. I was very keen to get into digital visualisation of architecture & urban environments and this is helping me a great deal in my work. Our faculty, Mr. Atanu Roy is one of the most genuine and committed individual I have ever met and I am very happy that I have had an opportunity to learn from him or rather "learn with him" as he puts it. He gets to the root of complex technical concepts and his skill lies in describing it effortlessly to the student. The sheer interest I have developed here makes me pursue this subject even after I complete my course. I recommend this course to those who want to develop skills to communicate architecture for a variety of application and audiences.​

Anirban Sarkar

Anirban Sarkar Advanced Certificate in Architectural design Visualisation, 2015

I was never good in bookish education or rather, I could not take any interest in it. I always had a keen interest in doing something new and out of the box. At FX School, I finally found the right direction to channel my passion and it became a turning point in my life. I found a way to frame and present my architectural ideas. FX School doesn’t believe in bookish knowledge, it believes in practicality and making bright futures. I whole-heartedly thank FX School and Mr. Atanu Roy who has played the part of a mentor and is also someone I look up to, for being a part of my sojourn in the race of life.

Priya Singh

Priya Singh Advanced Certificate in Architectural Design Visualisation 2015

FX School is the place where I came to know that I do stand somewhere. Here, I discovered my passion. I developed confidence.

Before starting my journey at FX School I was depressed, as I had failed my 12th. It was a tough time for me. Then I got a new start with FX School when I joined the Architectural Design Visualisation course.

The faculty taught me so many things apart from the course.I was taught about professionalism, how to present your work, how to present yourself and how to manage your work and time as well.

For the faculty at FX School, teaching is not just a job but a responsibility. I am really glad to be a part of FX School and to have someone who will guide me all my life.

FX School, thank you so much for helping me to discover myself and giving me this opportunity to express myself.

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