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Bollywood's 3D avatar

Published on : January 04, 2011
Bollywood\'s 3D avatar

Bollywood is finally waking up to the magic of visual special effects. Priyanka Joshi finds out more on why 2011 promises to be a ‘spectacular’ year for Hindi cinema, designed to make your eyes pop out.


Shah Rukh Khan’s home production Ra.One (which means Random Access - Version 1), a science-fiction superhero film, has reportedly postponed its release due to extensive post-production work. The film’s plot is a closely-guarded secret and what little is known comes from Khan’s twitter feeds. The actor-producer tweeted about the film’s action sequence “huge blue screen...100 cars.... cranes wires... gawd I am making a film beyond my means. Will be dancing on the streets to pay for all this. (sic)” Initially slated for release in June 2011, it is speculated that the film will now hit the screens in the second half of 2011 because the computer-generated effects will take time. Anubhav Sinha,  Ra.One’s director, tweeted recently: “The VFX team and I are still figuring when we can deliver the film. Then, my friends, the producer (Khan) will announce the date. But soon now...”


This could well be the shape of things to come. Bollywood directors and production houses are waking up to the possibility of visual special effects, simply called VFX, and smart computer graphics that can be done at affordable costs within India. “We are the back-office specialists; where else can one accomplish high end graphic detailing at half the costs,” says PVR Pictures president Kamal Gianchandani. The production house wants to make a 3D film. Gianchandani claims: “We will launch the project by 2012. It is at the script stage but we can produce quality computer-generated imagery , and there is an audience for it.”


3D seems to have become the buzzword for filmmakers. Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming movie, Haunted, is apparently India’s first stereoscopic 3D film. Bhatt, who also scripted the film, got 3D technicians and support staff from Canada. Some extensive special effects have been achieved by Chennai-based Efx Prasad Studios. Bhatt admits he wanted to make another film in the horror genre, but wasn’t enthused by existing techniques. “What excited me was the 3D aspect. Haunted is like what  Avatar was in terms of look and feel. It is not converted from 2D to 3D, like many of the films will be in 2011, but actually shot using 3D cameras,” he says.


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