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3D animation powers India into big league

Published on : December 10, 2010
3D animation powers India into big league

Priyanka Joshi & K Rajani Kanth / Mumbai December 10, 2010, 0:48 IST

With every passing year, animated movies seem to hit a new record with commercial and critical success. At present, the global film industry is buzzing around 3D and Indian animation studios are riding on this 3D wave.

This year, Crest Animation Studios’ Alpha and Omega 3D stereoscopic animated film has been shortlisted for Oscar nominations. Of the 15 films selected, only three will make it for final nominations, but A K Madhavan, CEO of the company, is not resting on his laurels yet.

Crest has become the first studio outside the US to have entered into a deal of three feature films with Lionsgate. The two have announced the co-production of the next film in this genre, Norm Of The North, that will be distributed by Lionsgate in North America. Crest also has collaboration with Malaysia-based KRU Studios to co-produce its 3D animated feature film Ribbit.

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