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'Ek Chalis...' director wins international award; kick starts an action entertainer

Published on : August 06, 2010
\'Ek Chalis...\' director wins international award; kick starts an action entertainer

By Joginder Tuteja, August 5, 2010 - 11:36 IST

The adage of 'out of sight, out of mind' won't quite hold true for the director of Abhay Deol starrer Ek Chalis Ki Last Local - Sanjay Khanduri. It may have been three years since the release of his debut film that has managed cult status for itself on home video circuit. However, quite a few of the film's followers have wondered what he is making next.

"I know it has been long but I am working intently on my next so that the wait is really worth it", says Sanjay on questioned about the delay in his next film going on floors, "There is something which has finally been locked now and my producers would soon be making an announcement.

He is currently in conversations with a few top special effects studios abroad for using a new technology for his next. Even though his next would be abound with VFX, he is not yet willing to reveal much about the genre, storyline and cast. "All I can say is that it's a high octane big budgeted film to be shot across the country", he smiles.

However, a source attached to the production house with which the film is being made spills the beans. "The film has an intense issue based storyline which has action and adrenalin as never seen before on Indian screen. The script demands the presence of a very strong female lead."

While one waits to hear a formal announcement, the young film maker also shyly admits that his Ek Chalis... was recently graced with the Silver Palm Award in Mexico International Film Festival this year.

Says Khanduri, "Ek Chalis... was selected amongst films from 20 different countries and has won in the category of 'Excellence in filmmaking'. I and my producers 'Quartet Films' are very proud and thankful to the international jury at festival for recognizing our film at such high stature. We see this recognition purely as God's gift as we had never attempted to send our film to different festivals and had hired no one to promote our film abroad."

From India to Mexico, how did it all happen? "Mexico has a very similar tradition and culture as we Indians", he smiles, "I am sure this is why the film has connected a chord there."

Guess unlike Kites, there is at least one film which actually succeeded in bridging the gap between India and Mexico!