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Robin Hollander Talks ‘Cocaine Bear,’ WÄ"tā FX’s New Favorite Project

Published on : March 17, 2023
Robin Hollander Talks ‘Cocaine Bear,’ WÄ

The VFX supervisor shares his studio’s fun, old-school visual effects work on Elizabeth Banks’ horror comedy based on the true story of a black bear, sometimes known as Pablo Escobear, who fatally ingested 75 pounds of cocaine dropped by smugglers in the Tennessee wilderness in 1985.

As recent Oscar, VES, Annie, BAFTA, and just about every other Award winner for their work on Avatar: The Way of Water, WÄ"tā FX is well-known in the world of visual effects. Their vast portfolio consists of over 100 films and TV series, from The Last of Us and The Rings of Power to The Batman and Godzilla vs Kong, work that has racked up six Best VFX Academy Awards, seven BAFTAs, and two Emmys, to name a few. read more

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