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Why Ray Tracing Is More Important Than You Realize

Published on : August 22, 2021
Why Ray Tracing Is More Important Than You Realize
by Jester
Many gamers seem to believe that ray tracing is nothing more than a fancier reflections technology, but they can hardly be more wrong. Ray tracing is not only the biggest leap in 3D game graphics technology in well over a decade, and not only can it lead to hugely improved immersion when used well, it can also lead to gameplay improvements and innovations. It is a technology here to stay, it is the present and the future, and in this article we will explain how while debunking other common misconceptions.
No, It Is Not An NVIDIA Exclusive Technology
Ray tracing is a feature in Vulkan and DirectX 12 Ultimate. Any graphics card meeting those requirements can run ray tracing. This includes AMD’s RDNA 2 and Intel’s upcoming discrete graphics cards.
And no, NVIDIA isn’t completely dominant across the board in ray tracing performance. The RTX 3080 and above cannot currently be beaten, but once you start looking at the RX 6700 XT, RX 6800, RTX 3070 series and RTX 3060 Ti, AMD starts to pick up some victories at larger resolutions (although still not always) due to VRAM deficiencies with NVIDIA. Ray tracing performance is expected to be more competitive next generation.
It Is Much More Than Just Reflections
Sure, in a number of games, the only thing ray tracing does is make reflections more accurate and incredibly more expensive. In such games, I wouldn’t even use the ray tracing. I did not use it on my RTX 3090 even. The recently released Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition is a glimpse at what ray tracing will do for most games in the future. Educate yourself and watch this video if you haven’t. read more
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