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Meet Roberta Williams, The Queen of Graphic Adventure Video Games

Published on : September 28, 2020
Meet Roberta Williams, The Queen of Graphic Adventure Video Games
By Joanna Goodrich
THE INSTITUTE Adventure video games have grown in popularity now that people are staying home more due to coronavirus-related restrictions, according to The Washington Post.

Such games are driven by storytelling. Players solve puzzles to move the plot along. Adventure games including Broken Age, Machinarium, and Myst are popular because they feature beautiful graphics and extensive story lines, and they test players’ critical-thinking skills.

One of the people gamers have to thank for the genre is Roberta Williams who, along with her husband, Ken, created a number of early graphic adventure games including King’s Quest, Mystery House, and Phantasmagoria.

She was honored this year with the Pioneer Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards. The award recognizes breakthrough technologies and game design milestones. read more

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