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DreamWorks India bets big on animated films

Published on : January 26, 2016
DreamWorks India bets big on animated films

In an interaction with Deccan Herald, DreamWorks India General Manager Damien de Froberville said the company plans to increase its headcount to 350, from the present 260, by tapping both engineering and analytics talent available in India.

“We have a technology team of about 25 people, who are mostly experts in computer graphics. They participate in the development of our proprietary software. The Apollo software suite that one can read online has been partly developed and supported by the Indian team,” informed Froberville.

Froberville said the company’s team in India also helped in animation software called Premo. On the analytics front, he said DreamWorks is focussed on big data and data mining.  “In India, till now our focus was on analytics. Data has been primarily focused on operational efficiency and ability to predict our needs for digital resources,” he said.

Froberville said producing animated films place high requirement on high performance disk space, and huge computing power to render images. “We monitor enormous amount of data to increase our efficiency in rendering more optimised geometry, and texturing, among others,” Froberville  added.

Commenting on DreamWorks CEO Katzenberg’s ambition to enter into TV streaming, publishing, theme parks and YouTube, among others, he said the team in India has a huge role to play in the global strategy.

“Our primary focus is on animated feature films in India. We also contribute to ‘ride’ films which support opportunities with DreamWorks themed entertainment parks. We also develop some of the content for the DW Channel on YouTube and support Awesomeness TV,” said Froberville.

He said the company will continue to witness growth in India. “We are contributing to two major feature films that will be released in the end of this year, and early 2017. We continue to produce content for some of our online medium and that will keep the team very busy,” he said.

“India’s animation market is a growing market. We have seen in the past few years that many animated films are being dubbed and released in regional languages. I anticipate that this trend will continue at the box office,” he said. DH News Service

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