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India and China may work more closely in animation and VFX industries

Published on : May 15, 2015
India and China may work more closely in animation and VFX industries
Everyone around the two countries (India and China) are rejoicing on the fact that Asia’s two superpowers are looking at working closely together to create a more beneficial and sustainable political and economic environment.
India and China have signed 24 agreements worth over US$10 billion in Beijing this morning after Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with Chinese premier Li Keqiang; business being the main focus of PM Modi’s three-day visit to the neighbour country.
He will meet Indian and Chinese CEOs and address businessmen in Shanghai tomorrow.
“We have a historic responsibility to turn this relationship into a force of good,” said Modi in a joint press conference after the signing of the deals. “We both reiterated our strong commitment to make all efforts to maintain peace and tranquility in the border region. We should be sensitive to each others’ interest.”
“China and India need to strengthen mutual political trust so that together we can build a fairer and more reasonable international order,” added China’s Premier Li Keqiang.
A few of the deals that have been signed include: Broadcasting agreement between CCTV and Doordarshan; Agreement on the establishment of sister states Sichuan and Karnataka; Agreement on the establishment of sister cities between Chennai and Chongqing; Agreement on the establishment of sister cities between Hyderabad and Gingdao; Agreement on the establishment of sister cities Aurangabad and Dunhuang and Memorandum of Understanding on education exchange programme, apart from other agreements as well.
But if one reads deeper into the agreements, it may actually turn out to be beneficial to the animation and VFX industries as well. We are very much aware that Chennai, Karnataka and Hyderabad are hubs for animation and VFX studios and some of the leading houses like Toonz Animation, Prasad EFX, Green Gold Animation, among many others and with such positive moves from both the nations it will only foster more hope in the animation and VFX industries.
Modi is currently on a three-day visit to China as the two world’s two largest countries by population work to boost economic ties despite decades of mistrust. click here to more
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