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Disney UTV to release Hansal Mehta's 'Shahid' on Oct 18

Published on : September 05, 2013
Disney UTV to release Hansal Mehta\'s \'Shahid\' on Oct 18

 Director Hansal Mehta's comeback film 'Shahid', based on the real-life story of slain human rights activist and lawyer Shahid Azmi, will get a mainstream release through Disney UTV on October 18. 

Starring actor  in the lead role, the film has travelled to several film festivals since making its premiere at the  last year. 

'Shahid' received critical acclaim at  and  film festivals. It was awarded the Silver Gateway Trophy at the 14th Mumbai film festival while Mehta won the Best Director award. Mehta also won the best director at New York Indian Film Festival and at the Indian Film Festival of Stuttgart. 

"Disney UTV is proud to be at the forefront in promoting a bold new generation of film makers like Hansal Mehta, whose creative choices are strongly influenced by the society and politics of today. We are certain that Hansal's powerful film 'Shahid' will appeal to all those who believe in the power of great storytelling," Siddharth Roy Kapur, Managing Director, Studios, Disney UTV said in a statement. 

"'Shahid' is much more than a film for my team and I. The true story of Shahid Azmi and his inspiring life is essential viewing for our times of strife, discord and mistrust. His story changed my life. It taught me to be fearless and to never shy away from standing up for my values. 

"With Disney UTV acquiring the film I am sure that Shahid's amazing story will reach a large audience and that his story will inspire the world," said Mehta. 

'Shahid' is inspired by the life of Shahid Azmi, who was killed in 2010 by unidentified assailants in his office. 

The film traces his amazing journey that saw him attempting to become a terrorist, then get thrown into jail under anti-terrorism law and finally finding his calling as a champion of human rights. Click here

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