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Kangana Ranaut directs short Hollywood film

Published on : July 31, 2012
Kangana Ranaut directs short Hollywood film

By Zakia Uddin

Kangana Ranaut has directed her first short film in collaboration with an Australian scriptwriter.

The actress shot the project in Los Angeles with an all-American crew, after developing it in Hollywood.

She told The Times of India: "We intend to send the film for international festivals, but as of now, I am concentrating on finishing the editing and visual effects. That's the only thing on my mind before I leave for Paris for my next acting schedule."

Asked whether she prefers acting or directing, she said: "This is like asking me to choose between apples and oranges... I love them both in a unique way... But working with an international cast and crew was an amazing experience.

"It took six months of thorough groundwork. I was advised not to work with kids and animals, but my script demanded it. Kaden [the boy] is very little. We had to place hidden cameras, play games, and pretend to be aliens and trees in order to get him in the frame!

"But it was fun, he is adorable. The dog was well-trained and not difficult to work with."

In August 2011, Ranaut claimed she wanted to do more comedy roles after her success with Tanu Weds Manu.

She will be co-starring as a superhero in fantasy thriller Krrish 3 with Hrithik Roshan. click here

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