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Clover TV ad really is 'way better' winning global awards

Published on : March 08, 2012
Clover TV ad really is 'way better' winning global awards

by TMO Reporter
8 March 2012
Media Mecca

Clover’s recent ‘Way Better’ television campaign, launched in October last year, has won the best animated TVC in the international category in the INFOCOM EME Awards 2011 (India) as well as first place Mobius Golden Statuette in Television/Visual Effects category in the 2011 Mobius Awards.

The commercial, conceptualised by Joe Public, expresses Clover’s philosophy of care and uncompromising approach to quality, through a fantastical narrative that combines the imaginative power of creative minds and some of the latest animation technology. This global recognition is a tribute to South Africa’s ability to develop world-class design combined with world-class animation.

“In a commodity market like milk, it is key to decommoditise the communication” says Laurent Marty, head of strategy at Joe Public. “How do you speak about real quality processes in a way that captures the imagination of South African families? We chose to do so by telling a metaphorical, magical story and then by using animation to bring this story to life.”

The animators appointed by Joe Public who co-developed this fantasy world are Shy The Sun, Black Ginger and Cab Productions.  A dedicated team of 36 animators took more than 7 months to complete the production of this award-winning commercial.  click here

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