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New Course

New Course

Photography and Imaging

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Module 1: Basic Photography

The Basic Photography Course provides an understanding of the visual and technical skills necessary to pursue and appreciate digital photography. It is ideal for beginners who want to learn photography fundamentals such as controlling exposure, composition, depth of field, use of lenses and the basics of studio lighting.

Course Outline

·         Introduction to Photography

·         Working with the Digital SLR Camera

·         Types of Lenses

·         Composition

·         Photoshop: Processing Jpeg and Camera RAW

·         Light Painting

·         Historical review of cameras and filters used over the years

·         Outdoor Shoots

·         Studio lights and Lighting Accessories


Module 2: Advanced Documentary Photography

In the documentary photography module you will learn how to capture spontaneous emotions and events and to have a photojournalistic approach towards your subjects. This module prepares you for going out in the field, connecting with subjects and being ready for any situation. You will learn to tell stories visually through photo-essays.

Course Outline

·         The concept of Documentary Photography

·         Different types of documentary photography i.e. Architectural, Event, Abstract, Street, Landscape and Industrial photography

·         Still Life

·         Using Speedlights

·         Stop Motion

·         Panorama

·         HDR

·         Case studies of renowned documentary photographers

·         Using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for enhancing your images

·         Developing a Portfolio


Module 3: Advanced Studio Photography

This module is equips you with advanced studio photography, lighting and post production techniques and enables you to create high quality portfolios through project shoots built around creative themes.

Course Outline

·         Panorama

·         Timelapse

·         High Key

·         History of Fashion Photography

·         Flash Photography (Speedlights)

·         Lighting setups

·         Camera Formats & Light Meter

·         Retouching Images with Photoshop

·         Lightroom Workflow

·         Studio Projects


Module 4: Advanced Image Manipulation

This course brings the student up to date with the latest practices in the world of commercial photography and conceptual photo art, using all the tools and techniques available in Photoshop.

Course Outline

·         Advanced Photoshop Tools and Techniques

·         Advanced Photo Retouching

·         Complex Background Replacement

·         Poster/Magazine Cover Design

·         Conceptual Photo Art


Fashion Portfolio Project

This course provides students with a platform to create high fashion photography portfolios with a professional team of a Stylist, Hair & Makeup Artists and Models. This will also give them exposure to the production workflow of the fashion photography industry.

Students who have successfully completed the Basic and Advanced Studio modules are eligible for this module.

Course Outline

·         Concepts for Portfolio Development

·         Mood-boards for shoots

·         Pre-production session for the shoots with Stylist and Makeup & Hair Artist

·         Lighting Mood-board

·         3 Studio Shoots with professional models

·         Beauty Portraits

·         Fashion Accessories

·         Bikini & Theme Shoot

·         Lighting Mood-board

·         Street Fashion Shoot

·         Advertorial (Personal Project)

·         Adobe Editing

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