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James Cameron completes journey to Earth's deepest point

Published on : March 26, 2012
James Cameron completes journey to Earth\'s deepest point

Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron reached the deepest point of Earth’s oceans in a one-man submarine, becoming the first person to travel to such a depth in 52 years, the National Geographic Society said.

Mr. Cameron is only the third person to explore the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, arriving on Sunday in the alien landscape at a depth of 10,898 metres.
Mr. Cameron spent six hours exploring and filming the trench as well as collecting specimens and data before resurfacing about 500 kilometres south-west of Guam.
To return, Mr. Cameron’s craft, the Deepsea Challenger, dropped its ballast and ascended in a faster-than-expected 70 minutes after taking two hours and 36 minutes for the descent, the society said.
Swiss explorer Jacques Piccard and American Don Walsh set the manned depth record in the trench on January 23, 1960, but no humans had reached the trench’s depths until Cameron’s voyage. Only robotic missions had explored the remote area.
Mr. Cameron also remained far longer in the trench than Piccard and Walsh’s 20 minutes.
Mr. Cameron, 57, a National Geographic Society explorer-in-residence, is an experienced deep-sea diver with dozens of such dives on his resume, including visits to the wreckage of the Bismarck and Titanic in the North Atlantic. click here
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