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In a country of creative MASTERMINDS like Satyajit Ray, Mani Ratnam and Mira Nair, the creative potential of millions remains shockingly untapped.
With its superior courses in Animation, VFX, Filmmaking, Photography and Digital Arts, FX School is committed to helping you find the genius inside you. A solid foundation in the aesthetics of the visual medium and Industry-specific training in the use of today's best technology allows our students to take their creative ideas to a whole new level.
FX School's students are poised to be India's next creative geniuses. Are YOU?
New Term Starts on Mon 6th April, 2015
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Intensive Foundation in Digital Media
The modules covered in the Intensive Foundation course are listed below. Most students choose to do the full 1 Year Diploma course at FX School. After completing the Intensive Foundation course students usually decide on 2 areas of specialisation (e.g. Visual Effects & Film-making or CG Animation & Visual Effects, etc.) in which they dive deeper for 9 more months in order to gain true production grade skills.

CG Animation

Learn the interface and tools of 3D software. Create CG assets and learn how to texture them.

Introduction to Visual Effects

Learn key concepts, tools and techniques related to VFX, including an introduction to After Effects.

Basic Digital Photography

Learn the fundamentals of using digital SLRS, studio lighting techniques and essential Photoshop skills for processing and editing images.

Digital Filmmaking

Explore the world of professional filmmaking and learn the fundamentals of cinematography and editing.

Digital Art

Learn to create and work with primitive shapes; learn about lighting and shading, one and two-point perspectives and color theory.

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